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Pardha house is the premium brand store that initiated a revolutionary change in the attire of Muslim women. It was not an easy attempt to lead the women community in the craze of dressless trend of this era, to a modest dressing fashion. But ‘Pardha House’ made it. The pardha textile market that has boomed in and outside kerala is the success of the awareness created by ‘Pardha House’.

The attempt of the ‘Pardha House’ to step into the textile market presenting the devout Islamic dress as a modest fashion was not easily acceptable to the so-called liberals of the progressive group. They made all sorts of defamatory attacks on ‘Pardha’ through various social media. But the transformation of the women from ignorance to enlightenment could not be suppressed. The Muslim women identified their changes to modest fashion as the culmination of a personal journey of self-awareness and self-improvement and through years of experience, it proved to be the modest way of dressing that provides safety, security, and confidence to every woman who wears it.

Kerala is the only state in india where pardha has a brand value and flourishes as an industry with numerous production centres. Kerala is also the only state in the world where pardha is accepted as a marketable attire. Since the initial days of ‘Pardha House’ and the introduction of pardha into the commercial textile market it has remained to be the active subject of discussion and debate in various seminars and symposiums. Since then pardha had started influencing the minds of women in kerala and made an effective impact. The success of ‘Pardha House’ was not a mere commercial achievement. It has brought a revolutionary change that an organisation could not create even after years of effective work. We are moving further forward expecting the sincere co-operation of our esteemed customers.

We are sure that Almighty will shower His blessings upon our firm. Islam aims the prosperity of humanity. And we wish our valuable customers all prosperity.

As an organisation working with an islamic perspective we wish to bring all you wish islamically under a single roof.


Our showrooms are at vaikom muhammed basheer road and S.M.Street in calicut. We are also available on online as “IPM KART”. Expecting your visit to our new showroom at Vaikom Muhammed Basheer road for our more successful journey.